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Fig. 1

From: Systems analysis of phosphate-limitation-induced lipid accumulation by the oleaginous yeast Rhodosporidium toruloides

Fig. 1

Differential transcriptomic analysis of R. toruloides in response to phosphate-limitation. a Global profiling of gene expression changes in P0 vs F3. b Gene ontology enrichment analysis of differentially expressed genes. GO terms of biological process (level 3) were analyzed and enriched. c Genes being up-regulated shown in red for Pi-related metabolism. d Multi-omic responses to Pi-limitation and lipid accumulation. The red indicated up-regulated gene, protein, or enriched metabolite, while the green indicated down-regulated gene, protein, or lowered metabolite. e Comparison of transcription levels of representative genes between RNA-Seq data and RT-qPCR results

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