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Fig. 1

From: Bioreactor microbial ecosystems with differentiated methanogenic phenol biodegradation and competitive metabolic pathways unraveled with genome-resolved metagenomics

Fig. 1

Differential coverage and composition binning of metagenome scaffolds from two methanogenic consortia. The consortia were selectively enriched using phenol under mesophilic (MP, 37 °C) and ambient (AP, 20 °C) conditions. Each circle represents a scaffold scaled by the square root of their length and colored according to their phylum-level taxonomic affiliation. Only scaffolds ≥ 1 kbp are depicted. Each cluster composed of circles with the identical color (labeled from G1 to G23) represents a putative genome. The dashed line depicts equal coverages in both metagenomes. S genome size (M), N number of scaffolds, C (%) and R (%): genome completeness and contamination (or redundancy), respectively, with genomes of over 85% completeness highlighted in bold

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