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Table 1 List of plasmids used in this study

From: An engineered fatty acid synthase combined with a carboxylic acid reductase enables de novo production of 1-octanol in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Plasmid name Description References
pRS315-FAS1-Wt CEN6ARS4, AmpR, LEU2, p FAS1 -ScFAS1-Wt-t FAS1 [53]
pRS315-FAS1-RK CEN6ARS4, AmpR, LEU2, p FAS1 -ScFAS1R1834K-t FAS1 [53]
pRS313-FAS2-Wt CEN6ARS4, AmpR, HIS3, p FAS2 -ScFAS2-Wt-t FAS2 [53]
pRS62H , hphNT1, AmpR, truncated HXT7 promotor (p HXT7 −1-−392 ) and FBA1 terminator [68]
pRS62 N , natNT2, AmpR, shortened HXT7 promotor (p HXT7 −1-−392 ) and CYC1 terminator [68]
pRS62H-CAR-Sfp pRS62H; p HXT7 1-−392 -MmCAR-t FBA ; p PGK1 -BsSfp-t PGM2 This study
pRS62 N-Ahr pRS62N; p HXT7 1-−392 -EcAhr-t CYC1 This study
  1. Genes from Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Sc), Mycobacterium marinum (Mm), E. coli (Ec), and Bacillus subtilis (Bs) are indicated by prefixes in superscript. hphNT1 hygromycin resistance, Amp ampicillin resistance, natNT2 nourseothricin sulfate resistance