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Fig. 2

From: Fate of p-hydroxycinnamates and structural characteristics of residual hemicelluloses and lignin during alkaline-sulfite chemithermomechanical pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse

Fig. 2

2D-NMR-HSQC spectra (δCH 95–150/5.6–8.5) of a residual solids that remained after enzymatic hydrolysis of the sugarcane sample pretreated with 10% Na2SO3 + 5% NaOH and b the same residual solids after saponification conditions (1 M NaOH, 48 h, 90 °C). The main structures present in the sugarcane bagasse samples are H: p-hydroxyphenyl units, G: guaiacyl units; G′: Cα-oxidized G-units; S: syringyl units; S′: Cα-oxidized S-units; pCA: p-coumaric acid units; and pCA (f) : pCA units bearing a ‘free’ carboxylic group

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