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Fig. 2

From: Correction to: Proximity ligation scaffolding and comparison of two Trichoderma reesei strains genomes

Fig. 2

Chromosome maps of T. reesei QM6a and Rut-C30 strains. Chromosome maps of T. reesei QM6a (a) and Rut-C30 and NG14 (b) strains were identified by reassembly of the JGI reference genome using 3C sequencing data for each strain. For Rut-C30 map, the colors of chromosome fragments are consistent with their colors in QM6a map to clearly show chromosomal rearrangements. Some emblematic genes were chosen along the sequence to be used as location markers (list available in Additional file 6). The Rut-C30 85 kb deletion event on chr. VI is shown by the lack of pks1 gene. Centromere locations are shown by restricted width. c Possible scenario (among others) from QM6a to Rut-C30

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