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Table 3 Difference in genes as annotated in Pvir_v3 and Pvir_v4 compared with PacBio transcripts, respectively

From: Revealing the transcriptomic complexity of switchgrass by PacBio long-read sequencing

  #Genes in Pvir_v3 #Genes in Pvir_v4
Sequence span 348 (355) 340 (347)
Gene structures 6628 (8443) 6621 (8456)
UTR 10,447 (11,100) 10,365 (11,012)
Span multiple loci 291 (142) 288 (141)
Split 7 (14) 7 (14)
Total 16,640 (20,018) 16,544 (19,903)
  1. “Sequence span” refers to genes with different starting or ending exon; “Gene structures” refers to genes with different exon–intron structures; “UTR” refers to genes with different UTRs; and “Span multiple loci” refers to multiple genes covered by one transcript. Other terms defined similarly. The number inside each pair of parentheses represents the number of PacBio transcripts used for making the comparison