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Table 3 Doses of enzymes, enzyme cocktail and BSA in softwood saccharification

From: Boosting of enzymatic softwood saccharification by fungal GH5 and GH26 endomannanases

Set-upa CTec3b BM2 Endomannanase or BSA
mg EP/g DM mg EP/g DM mol/g DM
(1) 10 1 1.26 × 10−8
(2) 50 1 1.26 × 10−7
  1. aTwo set-ups were used: comparing endomannanases at 30 and 50 °C (1). Increased enzyme doses to evaluate saccharification at a higher degree of conversion (2)
  2. bCellic® CTec3 and the A. niger GH2 β-mannosidase (BM2) doses are given as mg enzyme protein (EP)/g dry matter (DM) and not as mg product