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Table 1 Products generated from glucose in one-pot batch cultivation by C. butyricum and ADP1-g

From: Metabolic pairing of aerobic and anaerobic production in a one-pot batch cultivation

  Substrate utilized and products generated Yield
 Glucose 14.5 ± 2.1a  
 Biomass 0.94b  
 Lipids 9.7c  
 H2 24.5 ± 0.8d 1.7 ± 0.1e
 WE 28d 10.8e
  1. aFermented glucose (Initial glucose–residual glucose), mmol/l. The data represents mean value from duplicate technical repeats ± standard deviation
  2. bBiomass, g/l
  3. cTotal lipid content in biomass, %
  4. dH2 and WE concentration in mmol/l and mg/l, respectively. The H2 production data represents averaged value from triplicate GC measurements ± standard deviation
  5. eH2 and WE yield from glucose, mol H2/mol glucoseconsumed and mg WE/g glucoseconsumed. H2 yield represents the mean yield calculated from triplicate GC measurements and averaged glucose concentration ± standard deviation
  6. fWE yield per gram biomass, mg WE/g biomass
  7. gWE content in total lipids, %