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Fig. 3

From: Increased drought tolerance in plants engineered for low lignin and low xylan content

Fig. 3

Quantification of endogenous ABA content and analysis of ABA-induced stomatal closure. a Determination of endogenous ABA level in Col-0 and engineered plant leaves after drought treatments. b Photo of the stomatal aperture in Col-0 and engineered plants for low lignin content (W4#1, pC4H:QsuB#6 and X4#12) under 10 µM ABA treatment. Bars = 10 µm. c The ratios of width to length of the stomatal aperture in response to 10 µM ABA treatment. Values in (a and c) show average ± SD (n = 3). At least 50 stomata were measured for each genotype per replication. Asterisks indicate significant differences from the wild type (t test, *P < 0.05)

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