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Fig. 1

From: Biochemical and structural features of diverse bacterial glucuronoyl esterases facilitating recalcitrant biomass conversion

Fig. 1

a General structure of LCC esters (either α- or γ-linked to glucuronic acid moieties on xylan), and site of enzymatic cleavage by glucuronoyl esterases (arrow). R1 may be either H or a methyl moiety, while R2 labels represent possible further connections to the lignin network. b Phylogenetic tree of all CE15 catalytic domains in CAZy. Biochemically characterized members are labeled with their respective Genbank accession numbers. Branches representing members of fungal origin are shaded in yellow. Stars indicate structurally determined members. Enzymes characterized in this study are labeled with their protein names, color coded in green for O. terrae, magenta for S. linguale, and blue for S. usitatus

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