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Fig. 3

From: Biochemical and structural features of diverse bacterial glucuronoyl esterases facilitating recalcitrant biomass conversion

Fig. 3

Active site organization and docking simulation. Comparison of active site pockets of the SuCE15C (A), OtCE15A (B), and StGE2 (C). The methyl ester of 4-O-methyl glucuronoate co-crystallized with StGE2 is shown in green sticks. The region around the binding site of the 4-O-methyl substituent in StGE2 (pink) and OtCE15A (grey) highlights a common aspartate in bacterial structures that contrasts the hydrophobic pocket of fungal enzymes (D). Representative docking simulation of OtCE15A with a benzyl ester of 4-O-methyl-glucuronoxylotriose (E) with proposed interactions indicated (F)

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