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Fig. 2

From: A metagenomic analysis of the camel rumen’s microbiome identifies the major microbes responsible for lignocellulose degradation and fermentation

Fig. 2

Phylum level taxonomic origin of the predicted cellulases belonging to families GH5, GH9, GH44, GH45, GH48, and GH74 (a), endohemicellulases from families GH8, GH10, GH11, GH12, GH26, GH28, and GH53 (b), carbohydrate debranching enzymes from families GH51, GH54, GH67, and GH78 (c), and oligosaccharide degrading enzymes including families GH2, GH3, GH29, GH35, GH38, GH39, GH42, GH43, and GH94 (d). The predicted ORFs were blasted against the most recent version of the NR database with an e-value cutoff 1e−3 and num_alignments 20. Taxonomic affiliates were assigned according to the lowest common ancestor (LCA) algorithm of MEGAN

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