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Table 2 Signal assignments of lignin samples in the 13C NMR spectrum [25, 26]

From: Effect of alkaline lignin modification on cellulase–lignin interactions and enzymatic saccharification yield

δ (ppm) Assignments δ (ppm) Assignments
178-168 Aliphatic COOR 115.6 C5 in G unit
152.3 C3/C5 in S unit 110.6 C2 in G unit
140-123 Condensed aromatics 103 C2,6 in S unit
129.2 C6 in H unit 50–90 Interunit linkages
128 C2/C6 H unit   (β-β′, β-5 and β-O-4′)
119 C6/C5 in G unit 56.5 OCH3 in G and S unit
  1. G: guaiacyl unit, S: syringyl unit, H: p-hydroxyphenyl unit