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Fig. 1

From: Optimizing the composition of a synthetic cellulosome complex for the hydrolysis of softwood pulp: identification of the enzymatic core functions and biochemical complex characterization

Fig. 1

Preliminary assessment of enzymatic hydrolysis of softwood pulp. a Hydrolysis reaction of native cellulosome preparation on 0.25% (w/v) softwood after 24 h at 60 °C (5, 25 and 125 µg of enzyme per 1.25 mg softwood in 0.5 mL). b Measurement of released glucose (black bar) and reducing sugar ends (as determined with the DNSA assay, gray bars) from the substrate at different enzyme loadings (average values from triplicate measurements). The softwood composition was determined using a two-step protocol using sulfuric acid as hydrolysis agent

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