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Fig. 2

From: Optimizing the composition of a synthetic cellulosome complex for the hydrolysis of softwood pulp: identification of the enzymatic core functions and biochemical complex characterization

Fig. 2

Screening of recombinantly expressed cellulosomal proteins on softwood. A minimized SKL complex was incubated with single-enzyme supplementations on 0.25% softwood, and soluble reducing sugars were measured after 2 days at 60 °C. a 38 proteins were supplemented to the SKL complex in identical molar stoichiometry and tested in duplicates. Activities are shown as heat map representations of reducing sugars released and quantified by DNS assay. Relative activity is depicted as follows: 100% relative activity equals black depiction, 0% no color. b A minimized SKL complex (relative activity = 100%) was incubated with single-enzyme combinations of Man26A and Xyn10Y. Soluble reducing sugars released from 0.25% (w/v) Avicel (dark gray) and softwood (light gray) were measured after 2 days at 60 °C. Each supplementation was added to the complex in identical stoichiometry (one supplement per cohesin). Data are shown as average values from at least duplicate (n = 2) measurements

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