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Fig. 3

From: Optimizing the composition of a synthetic cellulosome complex for the hydrolysis of softwood pulp: identification of the enzymatic core functions and biochemical complex characterization

Fig. 3

Assembly process of the SKLMY complex. a Schematic representation of the recombinant cellulosomal components Cel48S, Cel9K, Cel5L, Man26A and Xyn10Y, containing dockerin type 1-binding modules. The scaffoldin protein CipA8 comprises eight cohesin type I modules, enabling stoichiometric binding of eight dockerin-containing components via specific protein–protein interaction. b The assembly of the single components results in random combinations of macromolecular complexes, termed SKLMY. The order of components bound is arbitrary. c SDS-PAGE control of the assembly. CipA8 (3.8 µg in lane 1) and eight-time molar excess of single and unbound SKLMY components (15.3 µg loaded in lane 2) is mixed for the complex assembly reaction (19.1 µg in lane 3). d Native PAGE of single CipA8 (lane 1), unbound components (lane 2) and electrophoretic mobility up-shift upon SKLMY complex formation (lane 3)

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