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Fig. 3

From: Penicillium citrinum UFV1 β-glucosidases: purification, characterization, and application for biomass saccharification

Fig. 3

SDS-PAGE and in-gel assays after PAGE of PcβGlu1 and PcβGlu2. Lanes 1–5: SDS-PAGE (silver staining); lanes 6–9: in-gel assays using MUβGlu as a substrate. 1 Molecular mass markers. 2 and 6 P. citrinum crude extract. 3 and 7 PcβGlu1 after phenyl sepharose (see Fig. 2a). 4 and 8 PcβGlu2 after phenyl sepharose (see Fig. 2a). 5 and 9 PcβGlu2 after chromatography in Superdex 200 column (see Fig. 2c)

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