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Fig. 9

From: Penicillium citrinum UFV1 β-glucosidases: purification, characterization, and application for biomass saccharification

Fig. 9

Time course of glucose production in experiments of enzymatic saccharification of colloidal biomasses (2.5% (w/v)) by T. reesei cellulases and PcβGlu1 or PcβGlu2. a, d Hydrolysis of sugar cane. b, e Hydrolysis of banana pseudostem. c, f Hydrolysis of coconut fiber. ac Supplementation of T. reesei cellulases with PcβGlu1, and df show supplementation with PcβGlu2. Ten CBU/g of biomass were used for PcβGlu1 and PcβGlu2, while for T. reesei cellulases 7 CBU/g were used

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