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Table 2 S. cerevisiae strains used in this study

From: Astaxanthin overproduction in yeast by strain engineering and new gene target uncovering

Strains Description Sources
BY4742 MATα, HIS3Δ1, LEU2Δ0, LYS2Δ0, URA3Δ0 [48]
SyBE_Sc118030 β-carotene-producing strain [26]
SyBE_Sc118060 Expression of BDC263_CrtW and Asp_CrtZ (ADH1t-Aa_crtZ-FBA1p-TDH3p-BDC263_crtW-TDH2t) in strain SyBE_Sc118030 [26]
SyBE_Sc307001 Introducing plasmid BDC263_CrtW and Aa_CrtZ (ADH1t-Aa_crtZ-FBA1p-TDH3p-BDC263_crtW-TDH2t) into strain SyBE_Sc118030 This study
SyBE_Sc307121 Introducing plasmid pRS425K-Asp_CrtZ (FBA1p -Asp_crtZ-ADH1t) in strain SyBE_Sc118030 This study
SyBE_Sc307122 Introducing plasmid pRS425K-Aa_CrtZ (FBA1p-Aa_crtZ-ADH1t) into strain SyBE_Sc118030 This study
SyBE_Sc2110M1 ARTP mutant strain 1 of SyBE_Sc307001 This study
SyBE_Sc2110M2 ARTP mutant strain 2 of SyBE_Sc307001 This study
SyBE_Sc2110M3 ARTP mutant strain 3 of SyBE_Sc307001 This study
SyBE_Sc2110M4 ARTP mutant strain 4 of SyBE_Sc307001 This study
SyBE_Sc2110M5 ARTP mutant strain 5 of SyBE_Sc307001 This study
SyBE_Sc2110M6 ARTP mutant strain 6 of SyBE_Sc307001 This study
SyBE_Sc2110M7 ARTP mutant strain 7 of SyBE_Sc307001 This study
SyBE_Sc307104 SyBE_Sc307001, ∆FLO9::KanMX This study
SyBE_Sc307105 SyBE_Sc307001, ∆YLR410W-B::KanMX This study
SyBE_Sc307106 SyBE_Sc307001, ∆YBR012W-B::KanMX This study
SyBE_Sc307108 SyBE_Sc307001, ∆DAN4::KanMX This study
SyBE_Sc307109 SyBE_Sc307001, ∆CSS1::KanMX This study
SyBE_Sc307120 Integrating a Leu2 Marker into the HO site of strain BY4742 [42]