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Table 1 Products produced from alkenes

From: Bio-production of gaseous alkenes: ethylene, isoprene, isobutene

Food packaging Stretch film
 Shrink wrap Detergents
 Containers Alcohols
 Pipes Adhesives
 Garbage bags Paints
 Polyester fiber (textiles) Paper coatings
 Bottles Industrial ethanol
 Antifreeze Surfactants
 Shampoo Personal care products
 Kitchen cleaners Construction industry
 Solvents Synthetic rubber
 Insecticides Roofing material
 Latex Car lubricants
 Balloons Gasoline oxygenate
 Medical devices Fuel additive
 Waterproof material Food articles
 Synthetic rubber Adhesives
 Baby bottle nipples Paints and coatings
 Toys Tires
 Shoe soles Elastic films