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Fig. 1

From: Efficient metabolic evolution of engineered Yarrowia lipolytica for succinic acid production using a glucose-based medium in an in situ fibrous bioreactor under low-pH condition

Fig. 1

Metabolic evolution of Y. lipolytica PSA02004 for SA production at low pH. a Cell growth and SA production at pH 6.0. b Cell growth and SA production at pH 5.0. c Cell growth and SA production at pH 4.0. d Cell growth and SA production at pH 3.0. e Cell growth and SA production at pH without control. W.C refers to without pH control. f Glucose consumption rate at different pH. g Relative specific growth rate at different pH, in which the specific growth rate of the first generation was set as 100%. Relative specific growth rate (%) = (specific growth rate in any generation)/(specific growth rate in the first generation) × 100. h, i SA productivity and SA yield at different pH (filled triangles represent glucose concentration; filled circles represent SA concentration; open squares represent DCW; shaded areas represent the corresponding pH; open triangles represent glucose consumption rate; filled square represents the relative specific growth rate; open circles represent SA productivity; open stars represent SA yield)

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