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Fig. 3

From: Conditions promoting effective very high gravity sugarcane juice fermentation

Fig. 3

Effects of production medium composition on the relative expression of genes STL1 and FPS1 in S. cerevisiae strains CAT-1 and W303-1A. Yeast strains were grown to the mid-exponential phase in SCJ 30 °Bx and in the control media YPD and 30 °Bx YPS, and expression of the genes encoding the glycerol active permease (STL1) and the aquaglyceroporin (FPS1) quantified by qRT-PCR. The ratios of each gene expression against the expression of ACT1 are indicated under the x-axis. Results are presented as the average and standard deviation of three independent batch cultures. Statistically significant differences are indicated by designation with different letters

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