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Table 2 List of strains and integration/deletion plasmids used in this study

From: Expressing the Thermoanaerobacterium saccharolyticum pforA in engineered Clostridium thermocellum improves ethanol production

Strains/plasmids Organism Description Accession number References or source
E. coli T7 express Escherichia coli fhuA2 lacZ::T7 gene1 [lon] ompT gal sulA11 R(mcr-73::miniTn10TetS)2 [dcm] R(zgb-210::Tn10TetS) endA1 Δ(mcrC-mrr)114::IS10   New England Biolabs (Ipswich, MA)
M1442 T. saccharolyticum Engineered and evolved T. saccharolyticum SRA233073 [5]
LL1004 C. thermocellum DSM 1313 CP002416 DSMZ
AG929 C. thermocellum DSM1313 ∆hptclo1313_0478 SRP097241 [4]
LL1319 C. thermocellum AG929 PClo1313_2638::adhA(Tsc)-nfnAB(Tsc)-adhEG544D (Tsc) SRP101300 [4]
LL1565 C. thermocellum AG929 Clo1313_2637::PpforA(Tsc)pforA(Tsc) -fd(Tsc) SRP144031 This study
LL1391 C. thermocellum LL1319 Clo1313_2637::PpforA(Tsc)pforA(Tsc)-fd(Tsc) SRP141156 This study
LL1566 C. thermocellum LL1319 Clo1313_2637::PpforA(Tsc)pforA(Tsc) SRP144035 This study
LL1436 C. thermocellum LL1391 ΔClo1313_0020-0023 SRP144013 This study
LL1437 C. thermocellum LL1391 ΔClo1313_1353-1356 SRP144038 This study
LL1438 C. thermocellum LL1436 ΔClo1313_1353-1356 SRP144037 This study
LL1567 C. thermocellum LL1437 ΔClo1313_0020-0023 SRP144045 This study
LL1568 C. thermocellum LL1438 ΔClo1313_0673 SRP144054 This study
LL1569 C. thermocellum LL1568 ΔClo1313_0382-0385 SRP144051 This study
LL1570 C. thermocellum LL1569 ΔClo1313_1615-1616 SRP144049 This study
LL1556 C. thermocellum DSM1313 Δhpt ΔClo1313_0020-0023 Prpi: kivdLLPpck: ilvBNCCTPilvD: ilvDCT SRP144036 This study
LL1559 C. thermocellum DSM1313 Δhpt ΔClo1313_0382-0385 SRP144040 This study
LL1563 C. thermocellum DSM1313 Δhpt ΔClo1313_0673   This study
LL1564 C. thermocellum DSM1313 Δhpt ΔClo1313_1353-1356   This study
LL1560 C. thermocellum DSM1313 Δhpt ΔClo1313_1615-1616 SRP144039 This study
pJGW37   C. thermocellum expression plasmid   [19]
pSH105   PenolasepforA(Tsc)-fd(Tsc) integration vector MH245114 This study
pSH106   PpforA(Tsc)pforA(Tsc)-fd(Tsc) integration vector MH245115 This study
pSH107   PAthe_2105pforA(Tsc)-fd(Tsc) integration vector MH245116 This study
pSH121   PpforA(Tsc)pforA(Tsc) integration vector MH245113 This study
pDGO77   Clo1313_0020-0023 deletion vector MH245117 This study
pDGO78   Clo1313_0673 deletion vector MH245118 This study
pSH116   Clo1313_1353-1356 deletion vector MH245112 This study
pSH130   Clo1313_0382-0385 deletion vector MH245110 This study
pSH131   Clo1313_1615-1616 deletion vector MH245111 This study