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TableĀ 2 Performances of PLSR regression models based on full bands

From: Quantitative visualization of lignocellulose components in transverse sections of moso bamboo based on FTIR macro- and micro-spectroscopy coupled with chemometrics

Constituent LVs R 2C RMSEC R 2P RMSEP RPD
Hemicellulose 16 0.850 0.010 0.780 0.012 2.131
Cellulose 17 0.918 0.008 0.836 0.012 2.466
Lignin 17 0.906 0.006 0.802 0.008 2.248
  1. LVs means the number of latent variables, R 2C and R 2P indicate the determination coefficients for the calibration and prediction, respectively, RMSEC and RMSEP represent the root mean square errors for the calibration and prediction, respectively, and RPD denotes the ratio of performance to deviation (similarly hereinafter)