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Table 1 Solvent production by different native Clostridium sp. strains

From: Exploitation of novel wild type solventogenic strains for butanol production

Strain Substrate Fermentation pattern Solvents (g/L) References
Clostridium sp. strain BOH3 Xylose Acetone–butanol–ethanol (ABE) 5.32 g/L acetone, 14.94 g/L butanol, 1.25 g/L ethanol [34]
C. tetanomorphum strain DSM665 Glucose Butanol–ethanol (BE) 9.81 g/L butanol, 1.01 g/L ethanol [20]
C. pasteurianum DSM 525 Glycerol Butanol–propanediol 7.13 g/L butanol, 6.79 g/L 1,3-propanediol [44]
Clostridium sp. BT10-6 Glucose Isopropanol 5.26 g/L isopropanol [23]
Clostridium sp. strain NJP7 Glucose Isopropanol–butanol (IB) 12.21 g/L butanol, 1.92 g/L ethanol [24]
C. pasteurianum strain GL11 Glycerol Butanol–ethanol (BE) 14.7 g/L butanol [46]