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Fig. 2

From: Genetic repertoires of anaerobic microbiomes driving generation of biogas

Fig. 2

Biogas production pathway-related EC modules. Detailed information about AD pathway can be found on the overview map in Additional file 3: Figure S1. On the left all enzymatic reactions modules are listed, grouped by categories. Corresponding numbers of ECs in each module are in column 2 (number of asterisks indicating number of ECs without known sequence). Some modules may include redundant EC numbers. Gray pie-charts in column 3 representing the % of BioMETHA-annotated ECs per module while numbers in column 4 represent number of detected genes per module, based on DNASeq read counts. Colored pie-charts demonstrating % of genes expressed in each module with colors representing log2 transformed normalized RNASeq reads counts per module from biogas plant 2, 3 and 7

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