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Fig. 3

From: A versatile system for fast screening and isolation of Trichoderma reesei cellulase hyperproducers based on DsRed and fluorescence-assisted cell sorting

Fig. 3

Isolation of cellulase hyperproducers from an ARTP-generated T. reesei mutant library using FACS directed by intracellularly expressed DsRed. A Preliminary assessment of endoglucanase producing and protein secretion ability of isolated T. reesei strains. The T. reesei spores were mutagenized using ARTP. Germinated spores with the brightest DsRed signal (top 0.1%) were isolated by FACS (internal illustration). The area in box was the gating strategy used to delineate the brightest DsRed signal cell populations. B Representative ARTP-mutagenized strains isolated by FACS displayed larger cellulose hydrolysis halos than the parent strain. Different letters (a and b) mean that there are significant difference between the colony diameters (p < 0.05). C, D Representative ARTP-mutagenized strains isolated by FACS produced more endoglucanase (C) and secreted more proteins (D)

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