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Table 1 The regulatory genes involved in cellulase expression in T. reesei under investigation in this study

From: A versatile system for fast screening and isolation of Trichoderma reesei cellulase hyperproducers based on DsRed and fluorescence-assisted cell sorting

Gene Function Promotera Terminatora References
ace3 Transcription activator pdc1 pdc1 [22]
bip1 Chaperone eno1 eno1 [27]
hac1 Unfolded protein response eno1 eno1 [35]
ftt1 Secretion pdc1 pdc1 [54]
sso2 t-SNARE protein pdc1 pdc1 [22]
sar1 Vesicle budding gpd1 gpd1 [55]
ypt1 Vesicle fusion gpd1 gpd1 [56]
  1. aThe promoters and terminators used to control gene expression in this study