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Table 1 Strains/plasmid used in this study

From: Deletion of a single glycosyltransferase in Caldicellulosiruptor bescii eliminates protein glycosylation and growth on crystalline cellulose

Strains/plasmids Genotype/phenotype Source
C. bescii
 JWCB001 DSMZ6725 wild type (ura+/5-FOAS) DSMZ
 JWCB018 ΔpyrFA ldh::ISCbe4 Δcbe1 (ura/5-FOAR) [4, 44]
 JWCB029 ΔpyrFA ldh::ISCbe4 Δcbe1 ΔcelA (ura/5-FOAR) [10]
 JWCB143 ΔpyrFA ldh::ISCbe4 Δcbe1 Δcbes1864 (ura/5-FOAR) This study
 JWCB160 JWCB143-containing pJRW013 (ura+/5-FOAS) This study
E. coli
 JW563 DH5α-containing pJRW012 (ApramycinR) This study
 JW626 DH5α-containing pJRW013 (ApramycinR) This study
 pDCW173 E. coli/C. bescii shuttle vector (ApramycinR) [14]
 pJGW003 C. bescii integration vector (ApramycinR) [42]
 pJYW022 Expression vector for Cbes_1867 (ApramycinR) This study
 pJRW012 Cbes1864 deletion vector (ApramycinR) This study
 pJRW013 Expression vector for Cbes_1864 (ApramycinR) This study