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Fig. 2

From: From beech wood to itaconic acid: case study on biorefinery process integration

Fig. 2

a Repeated-batch mode of the OrganoCat process by reusing the aqueous oxalic acid solution and the organic 2-MTHF solution [35]. Concentrations of xylose and glucose in the aqueous and lignin in the organic phase after chemo-catalytic pretreatment of beech wood with the OrganoCat process. Water and 2-MTHF were recycled four times. The cellulose pulp (51% (w/v)) was removed after each cycle for subsequent enzymatic hydrolysis. b Comparison of glucose concentration of hydrolysed 20 g L−1 α-cellulose and 20 g L−1 OrganoCat cellulose-rich beech wood pulp using Celluclast® 500 μL g−1 substrate (enzyme loading of 32.5 FPU g−1) at 45 °C, 0.1 M sodium acetate buffer and a pH value of 4.8. Further details and information were published by Engel et al. [88] and Wang et al. [55]. The arrows refer to the relevant y-axis

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