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Table 1 Final volatile fatty acid yields of the blank and active reactors under acidic mesophilic, acidic thermophilic, basic mesophilic, and basic thermophilic conditions

From: Effect of pH and temperature on microbial community structure and carboxylic acid yield during the acidogenic digestion of duckweed

  Acidic mesophilic Acidic thermophilic Basic mesophilic Basic thermophilic
VFA yields (mg VFA as HAceq g VS −1added )
 Blank 218 ± 7.7a 116 ± 28ab 256 ± 37a 86 ± 22b
 Active 55 ± 3.7a 117 ± 7.9b 388 ± 28c 341 ± 2.8d
  1. Mean VFA yields were compared separately for blank and active groupings using TUKEY test at a significance level of p < 0.05. Superscript letters indicate the resulting statistical groupings within reactor class