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Table 2 Langmuir adsorption isotherm parameters for cellulase adsorbing onto cellulolytic enzyme lignin (CEL) materials

From: Correction to: Developing fast enzyme recycling strategy through elucidating enzyme adsorption kinetics on alkali and acid pretreated corn stover

Lignin Ebm (mg/g) Ka (mL/mg) Kp (mL/g) Adj. R-square
CEL (alkali-CS)a 10.09 4.2 42.38 0.975
CEL (acid-CS)b 19.90 3.5 69.64 0.905
  1. aCEL (alkali-CS): cellulolytic enzyme lignin derived from alkali pre-treated corn stover containing 7.5% glucan, 2.3% xylan and 75.3% lignin and ash
  2. bCEL (acid-CS): cellulolytic enzyme lignin derived from acid pre-treated corn stover containing 2.7% glucan, 0.0% xylan and 86.6% lignin and ash