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Fig. 4

From: Simultaneous consumption of cellobiose and xylose by Bacillus coagulans to circumvent glucose repression and identification of its cellobiose-assimilating operons

Fig. 4

Identification of the co-transcription of structural genes in the CELO1 and CELO2 operon using RT-PCR. cDNA was isolated and RT-PCR was performed as described in the text (for lane 2–8). The RNA and genomic DNA of B. coagulans NL01 was used as negative (for lane 1 and 9) and positive control (for lane 10–16), respectively. The amplified overlapping regions spanned celAcelB (lane 1, 2, and 10), celBhyp (lane 3 and 11), hypcelC (lane 4 and 12), celCpbgl (lane 5 and 13), celBcelA (lane 6, 9, and 14), celAcelX (lane 7 and 15), celXcelC (lane 8 and 16)

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