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Table 2 Molecular weight of lignin in PHL treated and untreated with laccase

From: A process for purifying xylosugars of pre-hydrolysis liquor from kraft-based dissolving pulp production process

Lignin Mn (g/mol) Mw (g/mol) Mw/Mn
Before laccase treatment in PHL-2nd 3065 4909 1.60
Laccase treated under optimized conditions in PHL-3rd 3705 6218 1.67
Laccase treated for 24 h in PHL-3rd 3690 7418 2.01
Laccase treated at 60 °C in PHL-3rd 3339 5518 1.65
  1. Mn number average molecular weight, Mw weight average molecular weight, Mn/Mw polydispersity