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Table 1 Novel genes encoding TFs involved in regulating the production of raw-starch-degrading enzymes in P. oxalicum

From: Identification of an essential regulator controlling the production of raw-starch-digesting glucoamylase in Penicillium oxalicum

Gene ID GenBank accession number InterPro annotation Conversed domain Known homologous TFs Identity (%) RSDE activity of mutant relative to the parental strain (%)a
POX01907 MH742968 IPR001005 SANT/Myb DNA binding domain NA NA 16.6 ± 1.2
POX03446 MH742969 IPR001138
Zinc finger, Zn2Cys6 type
Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88
AraR (A2QJX5.1)
71% 62.2 ± 5.4
POX06509 MH742972 IPR004827 Basic-leucine zipper (bZIP) NA NA 40.9 ± 9.5
POX07078 MH742970 IPR009057
Bromo adjacent homology (BAH) domain
Zinc finger, PHD-type
NA NA 69.4 ± 4.1
POX09752 MH742971 IPR001138
Zn2Cys6 fungal-type DNA-binding domain
Hexapeptide repeat
Maltose/galactoside acetyltransferase
NA NA 50.1 ± 12.5
  1. RSDE: raw starch-digesting enzyme; SCS: soluble corn starch; TF: transcription factor
  2. aRSDE activity was measured from the crude extract of P. oxalicum grown in medium containing SCS for 4 days after direct inoculation