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Table 3 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Prediction and characterization of promoters and ribosomal binding sites of Zymomonas mobilis in system biology era

Strains and plasmids Description Source
 E. coli XL10-Gold Ultracompetent cells (tetracycline and chloramphenicol resistant) Invitrogen
 Z. mobilis ZM4 Z. mobilis wild-type strain Lab stock
 pEZ15Asp P15A_ori, Zymo_Ori, Ptet, SpeR [44]
 pEZ15A-PlacUV5-EGFP P15A_ori, Zymo_Ori, PlacUV5::EGFP, SpeR This work
 pEZ15A-PlacUV5-opmCherry P15A_ori, Zymo_Ori, PlacUV5::opmCherry, SpeR This work
 pEZ-Dual P15A_ori, Zymo_Ori, Ptet, SpeR, PlacUV5::opmCherry, Ptet::EGFP This work