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Fig. 5

From: Mutation of 4-coumarate: coenzyme A ligase 1 gene affects lignin biosynthesis and increases the cell wall digestibility in maize brown midrib5 mutants

Fig. 5

Effects of Zm4CL1 mutations on phenylpropanoid accumulation in bm5 mutants. a The profile of soluble phenolics in methanolic extracts from midribs of bm5-504J mutant and B73 wild-type maize. The profile of soluble phenolics was performed by LC–PDA–ESI-MS/MS. b The contents of FQA (peak 1) and FG (peak 2) in bm5 mutants and B73 wild-type maize. Midribs of the second-to-fifth leaves from the top were collected from 60-day-old B73 wild-type maize, bm5-504I and bm5-504J mutants. Values are mean ± SE (n = 3). DW, dry weight. FQA, feruloyl quinic acid. FG, feruloyl glucoside. cf The remarkably accumulated phenolics in the bm5 mutant were preliminarily identified as FQA (peak 1) and FG (peak 2) based on their UV–visible spectra (c and e) and mass spectra (d and f)

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