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Table 1 Support for xyr1-activation of the PBD CAZymes that were higher expressed in the Δxki1 mutant at later time-points in corn stover (CS_24 h) and soybean hulls (SBH_48 h)

From: Deletion of either the regulatory gene ara1 or metabolic gene xki1 in Trichoderma reesei leads to increased CAZyme gene expression on crude plant biomass

Trire2_geneID Gene name Activity Regulated by CS_24 h SBH_48 h
3739   BXL/ABF XYR1 Yes Yes
22197 cel1b/bgl1b BGL XYR1 Yes Yes
46816 cel3d/bgl3d BGL Unknown Yes No
49081 cel74a XEG ARA1/XYR1 Yes Yes
49976 egl5/cel45a EGL XYR1 Yes Yes
56996 man1 MAN XYR1 No Yes
60489   CUT Unknown No Yes
62166   MND Unknown No Yes
69944   AXL/AGD ARA1 (XYR1) No Yes
72526 glr1/agu1 AGU XYR1 No Yes
72567 cbh2/cel6a CBH XYR1   Yes
73632 axe1 AXE XYR1 No Yes
73643 egl4/cel61a LPMO XYR1 Yes Yes
76210 abf2 ABF ARA1(XYR1) Yes No
76227 cel3e/bgl3e BGL Unknown No Yes
76672 bgl1/cel3a/bgl3a BGL XYR1 No Yes
82227 cel3c/bgl3c BGL XYR1 No Yes
82235   AGD XYR1 No Yes
103049   PGA ARA1(XYR1) Yes No
108477   AGD Unknown No Yes
111849 xyn4 XLN XYR1 No Yes
112140 pgx1 PGX Unknown No Yes
120229 xyn3/xyn10a XLN XYR1 No Yes
120312 egl2/cel5a EGL XYR1 No Yes
120961 cel61b LPMO XYR1 No Yes
121127 bxl1/xyl3a BXL XYR1 No Yes
121418 aes1 AES XYR1 No Yes
121735 cel3b/bgl3b BGL XYR1 No Yes
122081 egl1/cel7b EGL XYR1 No Yes
122780 rgx1 RGX ARA1 No Yes
123232 egl3/cel12a EGL XYR1 No Yes
123283 abf1 ABF ARA1(XYR1) No Yes
123818 xyn2/xyn11a XLN XYR1 No Yes
123940 cip2 GE XYR1 No Yes
123989 cbh1/cel7a CBH XYR1 Yes Yes
124016 agl2 AGL ARA1 No Yes
  1. DE genes were assigned to be regulated by ARA1 and/or XYR1 according to literature [9, 22, 27, 30] or this study
  2. ARA1/XYR1, both ARA1 and XYR1 have similar impact in regulation; ARA1 (XYR1), ARA1 has a bigger impact in regulation compared to XYR1