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Table 3 Strains and plasmids

From: Engineering Corynebacterium glutamicum triggers glutamic acid accumulation in biotin-rich corn stover hydrolysate

Strains Characteristics Sources
E. coli DH5α Host for plasmid construction Lab stock
Amorphotheca resinae ZN1 Biodetoxification fungus isolated by our lab Lab stock
C. glutamicum S9114 Industrial strain for glutamate production SIIMa
ΔbioY In-frame deletion of bioY gene This study
ΔC110 C-terminal truncation of MscCG This study
ΔC110ΔbioY ΔC110 with in-frame deletion of bioY gene This study
ΔC110odhARBS20 ΔC110 with RBS20 substitution of odhA gene This study
ΔC110odhARBS10 ΔC110 with RBS10 substitution of odhA gene This study
ΔC110odhARBS0.1 (XW6) ΔC110 with RBS0.1 substitution of odhA gene This study
XW6-pH36 XW6 strain carrying the empty expressing vector This study
XW6-pH36–pyc XW6 strain carrying the pyc-expressing vector This study
XW6-pH36–ppc XW6 strain carrying the ppc-expressing vector This study
XW6-pH36–gltA XW6 strain carrying the gltA-expressing vector This study
XW6-pH36–icd XW6 strain carrying the icd-expressing vector This study
XW6-pH36–gdh1 XW6 strain carrying the gdh1-expressing vector This study
XW6-pH36–gdh2 XW6 strain carrying the gdh2-expressing vector This study
XW6-pH36–ΔC110 XW6 strain carrying C-terminal-truncated MscCG expressing vector This study
XW6-ΔRS02700::H36-ΔC110 XW6 strain with C-terminal-truncated MscCG-encoding gene integrated into the genome at CGS9114_RS02700 locus This study
Plasmids Characteristics Sources
pTRCmob Overexpression vector, kanamycin resistance KmR [42]
pK18mobsacB Mobilizable vector, allows for selection of double crossover in C. glutamicum, kanamycin resistance, sacB [42]
pH36mob Overexpression vector derived from pTRCmob This study
pK18–ΔC110 Plasmid for truncation of C-terminal of MscCG This study
pK18–ΔbioY Plasmid for bioY gene knockout This study
pK18–odhARBS0.1 Plasmid for RBS with 0.1 a.u. substitution of odhA This study
pK18–odhARBS10 Plasmid for RBS with 10 a.u. substitution of odhA This study
pK18–odhARBS20 Plasmid for RBS with 20 a.u. substitution of odhA This study
pK18–ΔRS02700::H36ΔC110 Plasmid for integrating C-terminal-truncated MscCG encoding gene into the genome at CGS9114_RS02700 locus This study
pH36–pyc pyc gene-overexpressing vector This study
pH36–ppc ppc gene-overexpressing vector This study
pH36–gltA gltA gene-overexpressing vector This study
pH36–icd icd gene-overexpressing vector This study
pH36–gdh1 gdh1 gene-overexpressing vector This study
pH36–gdh2 gdh2 gene-overexpressing vector This study
pH36–ΔC110 C-terminal-truncated MscCG-encoding gene-overexpressing vector This study
  1. aSIIM indicates the collection center of Shanghai Industrial Institute of Microorganism, Shanghai, China