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Table 2 Enzymatic analysis of GAX oligosaccharides

From: Development of an oligosaccharide library to characterise the structural variation in glucuronoarabinoxylan in the cell walls of vegetative tissues in grasses

Oligosaccharide Unknown structure GH10 product GH11 product Enzyme sensitivity
CgGH3 xylosidase PcGH51 α-arabinosidase PaGH62 α-arabinosidase CjGH67 α-glucuronidase BoGH115 α-glucuronidase
U(4Me)2X N1 +
U2XX N2   + +
U(4Me)2XX N3 + +
A3X N4   + + NT
XU 2 XX   + +
XU (4Me)2 XX   + +
XA3X N5 NT + + NT
A3A3X N6 (Z1)   NT + NT
A3XXX N7 (Z2)   NT + + NT NT
XA 3 XX   NT + NT
D2,3XX N8 (Z3)   + NT
XA3A3X N9   + NT NT
A3U(4Me)2XX N10   NT + NT
B2,3U(4Me)2XX or
N11   NT NT
XA3XU(4Me)2XX N12   NT + + NT +
D2,3X M1   + NT
XD2,3XX M2   + NT
  1. The dots indicate, which xylanase produces the oligosaccharide; one dot () indicates minor products while two dots () indicate major products. Oligosaccharides sensitive to GH enzymes are marked with a plus (+), those resistant with a minus (−); NT not tested. Oligosaccharides XU2XX, X(4Me)2XX and XA3XX have been previously structurally characterised [27,28,29]