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Fig. 1

From: Species disparity response to mutagenesis of marine yeasts for the potential production of biodiesel

Fig. 1Fig. 1

The effect of EMS treatment on the growth (OD) and biomass productivity (BP) of wild and mutated strain of a Rhodotorula mucilaginosa (RmTun15-Accession Number MF327252); b Yarrowia lipolytica (YlTun15-Accession Number MF327143); c Trichosporon asahii (TaTun15-Accession Number KY509046); d Debaryomyces hansenii (DhTun2015-Accession Number KY5083343) and e Candida tenuis (CtTun15-Accession Number KY558632). (n = 6 in each case, Vertical bar = ± SE)

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