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Table 3 Water and power costs in SC and SSC

From: Robust and cost-saving static solid cultivation method for lipid production using the chlamydospores of Phanerochaete chrysosporium

Cultivation strategy Submerged cultivationa Static solid cultivation
Power for aeration (RMB) 2712.6 0
Power for stirrer (RMB) 1995.8 0
Cooling water (RMB) 1814.4 0
Power for heater (RMB) N/A 0
Equipment depreciation N/A N/A
Total cost (RMB) 6522.8 0
Biodiesel value (RMB) 6120b 6120
  1. N/A, not available
  2. aA 10-ton liquid fermenter is taken as an example. The power parameters for the air compressor (30 kW/h) and stirrer (22 kW/h) and the flow rate of cooling water (4.5 tons/h) were provided by the Fermentation Factory of Tuoxin Group, Xinxiang, China. The water and electricity expenses for industrial use were 2.80 RMB/ton and 0.63 RMB/kWh, respectively
  3. b Lipid production was calculated based on a lipid productivity of 0.995 g/L/h. Approximately 1.43 tons of lipids and 1.36 tons of biodiesel were produced after 6 days’ fermentation under a 95% biodiesel catalysis efficiency. The biodiesel value was evaluated based on a price of 4500 RMB (The renminbi, the official currency of the People’s Republic of China)/ton