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Table 3 Overview of the relative abundances within the microbiomes, given in percentage at order level

From: Continuous n-valerate formation from propionate and methanol in an anaerobic chain elongation open-culture bioreactor

  1. The samples were taken at the end of the steady-states of phase III (day 90) (pH 5.8) and phase IV (day 125) (pH 5.5) of continuous methanol-based propionate elongation in an anaerobic open-culture reactor and at the end of the steady-state of phase V (day 69) (methanol in influent 250 mM) and during the last day of phase VI (day 106) (methanol in influent 400 mM) of continuous methanol-based propionate and acetate elongation in an anaerobic open-culture reactor at 309 K. For all biomass samples, the duplo results are shown indicated by 1 and 2. More detailed information and the relative abundances found for the inoculum samples can be found in Additional file 1: Tables S10 to S13