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Table 1 List of oleaginous yeast strains used in the study

From: Biochemical profiling, prediction of total lipid content and fatty acid profile in oleaginous yeasts by FTIR spectroscopy

Name Strain number
Solicoccozyma terricola CBS 4517a
Lipomyces lipofer CBS 944a
Lipomyces lipofer CBS 5842a
Lipomyces starkeyi CBS 1807a
Lipomyces starkeyi CBS 2512a
Lipomyces starkeyi CBS 7544a
Rhodotorula babjevae CBS 7808a
Rhodotorula babjevae CBS 7809a
Rhodotorula babjevae DVBPG 8058b
Rhodotorula glutinis CBS 20a
Rhodotorula glutinis CBS 5805a
Rhodotorula graminis CBS 3043a
Rhodotorula toruloides CBS 14a
  1. aCBS, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  2. bIndustrial Yeast Collection, Perugia, Italy