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Table 3 Range, mean (M), standard deviation (STD) of abundant fatty acids, summed of saturated (SAT) monounsaturated (MUFA), polyunsaturated (PUFA) fatty acids and total fat content in oleaginous yeast samples cultivated in pre-culture medium (P) and on nitrogen-limited medium containing glucose (G), xylose (X) or a mixture of glucose and xylose (M)

From: Biochemical profiling, prediction of total lipid content and fatty acid profile in oleaginous yeasts by FTIR spectroscopy

Lipid profile % of total amount
High nitrogen glucose-based media (P) Low nitrogen glucose-based media (G) Low nitrogen xylose-based media (X) Low nitrogen glucose and xylose-based media (M)
SAT 8.33–39.13 22.88–51.68 15.54–51.22 21.19–50.37
MUFA 46.19–82.13 44.52–71.9 28.4–72.07 44.37–70.3
PUFA 2.04–16.24 2.82–18.58 3.12–56.06 2.64–25.69
  1. The values were determined by using GC data