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Table 2 Assignments of 13C–1H correlation signals in the HSQC spectrum of lignin samples

From: Laccase pretreatment of wheat straw: effects of the physicochemical characteristics and the kinetics of enzymatic hydrolysis

Label δCH (ppm) Assignment
Bβ 53.4/3.11 Cβ–Hβ in β–β (resinol) (B)
–OMe 56.2/3.78 C–H in methoxyls
Aγ 59.5–59.7/3.25–3.73 Cγ–Hγ in β-O-4 substructures (A)
Bγ 71.45/4.17–3.78 Cγ–Hγ in β–β resinol (B)
Aα 71.59/4.83 Cα–Hα in β-O-4 unit (A)
Aβ 84.78/4.32 Cβ–Hβ in β-O-4′ substructures linked to a G unit (A)
Bα 85.55/4.62 Cα–Hα in β–β resinol (B)
Cα 86.6/5.49 Cα–Hα in β-5 (phenylcoumaran) substructures
G2 110.89/6.94 C2–H2 in guaiacyl units (G)
FA2 110.9/7.26 C2–H2 in FA
G5 115.74/6.79 C5–H5 in guaiacyl units (G)
G6 119.33/6.8 C6–H6 in guaiacyl units (G)
FA6 122.6/7.03 C6–H6 in FA
H2,6 127.5/7.23 C2,6–H2,6 in H units (H)