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TableĀ 2 Upregulation of PvGA2ox in sd seedlings

From: Comparative transcriptome analysis provides key insights into seedling development in switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.)

GeneID Wuddineh et al. PvCDS v4.1 PvCDS v1.1 Log2 (sd/rd)
Unigene510_All PvGA2ox9b Pavir.1NG349400.1 Pavir.J11300 1.4
CL20643.Contig3_All PvGA2ox6b Pavir.7KG234700.1 Pavir.Ga01287 1.3
CL20643.Contig1_All PvGA2ox6b Pavir.7NG327800.1 Pavir.Gb01218 1.8