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Table 3 Bioproduction by R. opacus wild-type and engineered strains on various feedstocks

From: Development of Rhodococcus opacus as a chassis for lignin valorization and bioproduction of high-value compounds

Strain Substrate Product Production value References
R. opacus PD630 glucose/glycerol (7:3) Carotenoids and lipids 0.99 mg/L and 2.4 g/L, respectively [116]
R. opacus PD630 Pre-treated corn stover FAME 1.3 g/L [60]
R. opacus PD630 Glycerol TAGs 1.4 g/L, 38.4% DCW [117]
R. opacus PD630 (engineered) Glucose Fatty acids 46% DCW [120]
R. opacus MITXM-61 (engineered) Corn stover hydrolysates TAGs 15.9 g/L, 54% DCW [115]
R. opacus MITGM-173 (evolved) glycerol/ glucose/xylose (1:2:2) TAGs 13.6 g/L, 51.2% DCW [119]
R. opacus PD630 Crude whey Fatty Acids 45.1% DCW [121]
R. opacus PD630 Switchgrass pyrolysis oil Lipid pH 7: 0.078 g/L, 21.9% DCW
pH 4: 0.066 g/L, 25.8% DCW
R. opacus PD630 Kraft lignin (+ laccase) Lipid 0.145 g/L [59]
R. opacus PD630 Olive mill waste Lipid ~ 1.9 g/L, 80% DCW [122]
R. opacus PD630 PVHG6 phenol/vanillate/4-hydroxybenzoate/guaiacol/benzoate (1:1:1:1:1) Lipid 0.13 g/L, 44% DCW [9]
R. opacus PD630 (engineered) Gluconate and whey Wax esters Gluconate: 46% total neutral lipids
Whey: NR
R. opacus PD630 Poplar lignin hydrolysis slurry Lipid NR [34]
  1. FAME fatty acid methyl ester, DCW dry cell weight, NR not reported