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Table 5 Average coverage of integrated temA and temG_Opt genes, as well as housekeeping genes into S. cerevisiae ER T12 and M2n T1 genomes

From: Construction of industrial Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains for the efficient consolidated bioprocessing of raw starch

Genes ER T12 M2n T1
temA 152 (4.46) 39 (0.92)
temG_Opt 245 (7.20) 41 (0.99)
ALG9 34 43
TFC1 34 42
PGK1 34 38
ACT1 35 44
Average housekeeping genes 34 42
  1. Italic fonts report copy numbers integrated into each genome estimated considering the ratio between the average coverage of the integrated genes and the average coverage of the four housekeeping genes