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Table 1 Hydrocarbons produced by selected organisms, expressing different heterologous pathways

From: Drop-in biofuel production using fatty acid photodecarboxylase from Chlorella variabilis in the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica

Pathway Host Titer References
AAR/ACR/ADO Rhodococcus opacus 5.2 g/L [18]
AAR/ADO E. coli 1.31 g/L [34]
AAR/ADO E. coli ~ 300 mg/L [3]
FAP E. coli n.d. [6]
CAR/ADO S. cerevisiae 1.1 mg/L [35]
OleT S. cerevisiae 3.7 mg/L [36]
UndB S. cerevisiae 35.3 mg/L [37]
DOX/ADO S. cerevisiae 73.5 µg/L (304 µg/L by applying whole-cell biotransformation of pentadecanoic acid) [38]
AAR(FAR)/ADO Y. lipolytica 23.3 mg/L [4]
FAP Y. lipolytica 58.7 mg/L This study
  1. The enzyme abbreviations are namely AAR acyl-ACP reductase, ACR acyl-CoA reductase, ADO aldehyde-deformylating oxygenase, FAP fatty acid photodecarboxylase, OleT 450 fatty acid peroxygenase/decarboxylase, UndB desaturase-like enzyme, DOX α-dioxygenase